Which functions are included in the free version of the MyHunt App, and which are exclusive to the Pro version?

All functions that are available in the free version of the MyHunt application will remain free of charge in the long term. Upgrading to the Pro-Version is optional, and you can cancel it at any time with just a few clicks.


Feature overview   Free Version  Pro Version (Subscription)
Highest data privacy standards - no (!) shared public content image.png image.png
Area maps (including offline mode) image.png image.png
Hunting mode for driven or team hunts image.png image.png
See the live location of your hunting team image.png image.png
Mapping of points of interest (high-seats, feeders, burrows, ...) image.png image.png
Detailed harvest report image.png image.png
Record sightings and harvests for more than 400 species image.png image.png
Joint area management image.png image.png
Hunting and photo diary image.png image.png
News stream and shop integration image.png image.png
Accurate Weather Forecast image.png image.png
Detailed map filter options image.png image.png
Detailed tracking of animal diseases image.png image.png
Save your weapon and ammunition types image.png image.png
Organise and assign tasks error.png image.png
Plan, block and reserve high-seats error.png image.png
Get additional map layers (including altitude information) error.png image.png
Create individual map pins error.png image.png
Use distance rings to estimate range error.png image.png
See the direction of your scent to stay hidden for animals error.png image.png
Draw Paths and Trails on Maps error.png image.png
Export harvest reports in various formats via email error.png image.png
Detailed 7-day weather forecast with expected animal activity rate error.png image.png
Much more coming soon (print maps, individual statistics and insights, mapping of different area types (crops) error.png image.png
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